About Us

BD Tax & Accounting Services is an organization that offers its clients business solutions related to improving their income and profits.

We are experts in «Taxes» and with our experience, our clients will be able to have in an organized way their accounts and compliance plans for the preparation and presentation of taxes in the United States.

Our Services


We offer a personalized, professional and reliable service for the preparation of personal and business taxes.


Unlike most tax preparers, we will accompany you throughout the year, providing advice at the time you need it.

If you receive a letter from the IRS during the course of the year, we will be able to help you solve any related inconvenience and in this way you can always be up to date with your taxes.


We understand your hard work as a business owner. That is why having an effective and accurate payroll is very rewarding for an entrepreneur.


We work hand in hand with your company to avoid the possibility of error that could represent money and lost time.

Perform the activities that generate more income to your company while we help you with processing your payroll.


Make better decisions and increase your profitability with well-organized accounting.


Having your business accounting ordered will help you quantify, measure and analyze the economic reality of your company and guide you in making the right decisions.

Within the accounting are recorded transactions, internal changes or any other event that affects your business economically.

Business Plans and Business Creation

Let us guide you in the right way to create and grow a business in the United States.


Business Plan

Having a business plan allows you to have the objectives of your company clear of the company and the strategies to achieve them. Le ayudamos a definir la estructura organizacional adecuada, el monto de inversión que requiere para financiar el proyecto y los caminos para para resolver problemas futuros. Disminuya el tiempo y el costo del aprendizaje autónomo aprovechando nuestra experiencia en la creación de planes de negocio en diferentes sectores económicos.


Business Creation

It is important to have expert advice in planning, starting and developing a business to start properly and without costly mistakes: Sole Propietor, Limited Liability Company, S Corporation, C Corporation. Identify which model is appropriate for your entrepreneurship project.

We want to know you and help you with your projects.

We are experts in Accounting and Administration.